Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Movie Review] Skyfall

Skyfall is  the twenty-third film of the Bond Franchise which is produced by Eon Productions, it feautures Daniel Craig's third portrayal of James Bond and Javier Bardem as the Main Antagonist and was directed by Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner Sam Mendes for American Beauty and Road to Perdition and was co written By John Logan(Gladiator, The Avaitor, Hugo) with  Neal Purvis and Robert Wade(The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace)

In the film James Bond investigates an attack on MI6; it transpires that is the part an attack on M by former MI6 operative Raoul Silva,  the films sees the return of tworecurring characters after an absent of two films, Q, played by Ben Winshaw and Miss Moneypenny played by Naomie Harris, after staring as M for seven consecutive Bond Films, Skyfall marks last performance in the role and the position is subsequently filled with Ralph Fiennes character Gareth Mallory.

Thanks to the talented direction, great performance and ingenious story telling, Skyfall manages to my opinion surpass Tony Gilroy's Bourne Legacy and better yet Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, and it was really gripping and Astonishing, and i must say James Bond is really back and he managesn to leave the shadows of the first Bond Sean Connery.

Consenus: Skyfall is the best 50th anniversary ever and indeed it was nothing but tremendous and near prefect, It's not only the Best Bond of the last 5 decades but the best action movie of the last decade, Skyfall accomplished on being on the right track, and it was thrilling and powerful and arguably the Best James Bond Film of All time.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coming Soon: The Impossible

The Impossible is a 2012 english-language spanish drama thriller film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona from a screenplay written by Sergio G. Sànchez, starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, it tells the story of a spanish family's experience of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

The Impossible had its world premiere at 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9,2012 where it received critical acclaim, The film was released on October 11,2012 in Spain, and is set to be released in North America on December 21,2012 by Summit Entertainment.

The film is co-production between the spanish companies Apaches entertainment and Telecinco cinemas, the crew consists of the same key people who made the Orphanage, including the director, writer, production manager, cinematographer,  composer and editor.

Principal Photography, began August 23,2010 in Alicante, Spain and continued in October in Thailand

Opening across the Philippines in January 23,2013.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coming Soon: Les Misêrables

Les Misérables is an upcoming British musical drama film produced by working Title Films and distributed by Universal Pictures, The film is based on the musical of the same name by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Scöhnberg  and Herbert Kretzmer which is in turn based Les Misérables, the 1862 french novel by Victor Hugo

The film is directed by Tom Hooper, scripted by William Nicholson and stars an ensemble cast led by Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Aaron Tviet also stars in a supporting role, the filn tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former prisoner who becomes mayor of a town in France, Valjeab agrees to take care of Cosette, the illegitimate daughter of Fantine, and must avoid being captured again by Tavert, a police inspector

Development of Les Misérables in the late 1980's after the musical's 25th anniversary concert, producrr Cameron Makintosh announced that the film resumed development, Hooper and Nicholson were approached in March 2011 and the main characters were cast in 2011, principal photography of the film commended in March 2012 and took place in various locations in Winchester, and Portsmouth in Hampshire, England , as well as in Paris in France

Les Misêrables is scheduled to be released in December 25,2012 in the United States and on January 11,2013 in the United Kingdom and January 16,2013 on The Philippines
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Antony Hopkins to bring life "Hitchcock"

 Fox Searchlight is set to distribute one of the most awaited this film of 2012 "Hitchcock" which have been adapted from a novel by Stephen Rebello and entitled Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Pyscho and it is topbilled by Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren,  Scarlett Johansson, Toni Colette, Danny Houston, Jessica Biel and James D'Arcy as Anthony Perkins

Hitchcocks centers on the relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren) during the making of Pyscho, spanning from Wisconsin murder Ed Gein , the real life inspiration for the character of Norman Bates, to the release of the groundbreaking  film of 1960

Hitchcock is having been rave reviews and overwhelming praises for the performamce of the cast and it is gaining Oscar Buzz! Hopkins and Mirren for Best Actor and Actress nod maybe? we hope so.

Hitchcock is set to release on Philippines on the 6th of February,2013.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Movie Review] The Apparition

 "The Apparition"

Rating : 0/5

Another horror movie that have been told a million times, literally million times ,A Movie filled with clichés, This is so bad that i can give this an award for Acheiving all mediocrity and hideousness that have put on the movie,it wasn't scary, hell it was sleepy and boring, cheap tactics, Lights Flicker, soap and cactuses blacken , icky mold and a sudden appear of claw marks on the house itself and on a body, Been There, Done That.

Kelly and Ben(Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan), who lives in a nearly empty subdivision along with their neighbors Mike (Rick Gomez), his young daughter Maggie (Anna Clark) and their dog Pepper. One evening, sudden burns, molds, open doors , claw marks are appearing.

This Is Actually Todd Linconln's directorial debut and it was ugly and unforgivable, it doesn't turn out to be good as unexpected, Really, pure mediocrity and it is very ridiculous,It so horrible it after this you can't sleep because you had slept with this.

'The Apparition' is another movie trying to be on the bandwagon of Paranormal Activity and a little bit of Ringu, of course there's a shower scene, but it ain't Pyscho, The Title should have been The Crapparition.
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Coming Soon: Bully

The Jesuit Basic Education Commission (JBEC), in cooperation with Solar Entertainment, is about to release the critically acclaimed documentary Bully which have been premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and will hit the theaters on a limited release on November 14,2012

The film Focuses on the highly alarming raise of bullying cases,The documentary follows students from high schools in Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma, it also follows the students' families. The film's particular focus is on the deaths of Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, victims of bullying who took their own lives. The film describes in great detail how the average American school kid cannot defend himself or herself against bullies.

Bully” hits theaters starting November 14. It is rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Movie Review] The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges
Rating : 2/5

Thrown in a cloud of dirt on the doorstep of the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos), Larry (Sean Hayes) and Curly (Will Sasso) spend the next thirty years making the lives of Mother Superior (Jane Lynch) and the residents miserable and horrible.
"The Three Stooges" was an American vaudeville and a comedy act of the late 1930s and ended in early 70s , In Which has been adapted to the big screen, and was directed by the Farelly brothers the Director of Dumb and Dumber,There's Something About Mary and last year's panned movie Hall Pass, Not knowing much about them, I Think i should respect their contribution in the comedy genre.

This may provides some laughs and slight gags, and this may well satisfy fans and ordinary moviegoers, It does boast us with energetic,fun and quirky impersonations from Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso, it was pretty convincing and was a lot of fun,giggling and some delight,but it was not enough,Despite it's decent hilarity, it failed for giving fresh laughs, and it's overly juvenile and it's pretty dumb and actually it is ridiculous,and giving us uneven directing,hideous plot and dull,lazy story and lastly it was arguably horrible.

I Give Credits for the lead cast giving all their efforts and making their best but it was tedious and for the loyal Stooges fan they will not find it funny in this unnecessary reboot,And I Wish that this is not a tribute because it's a messed up and clumsy one,It could have been better if this would have been a short one and not an hour and a half of tiresome adventure.

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How should i start this?, by saying hi? i Don't know, so i guess I'll start then I'm Barron Louise D.C. Mata, Fourteen, yep too young to be a critic, but so what age is just a number, i have a mind of an adult, I had been a movie buff since October 2010, I Was 12, And my addiction for movies starts from watching Horror Movies starting from Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween,  Friday the 13th, Hell Raiser, Phantom at the Opera, The Fly, Psycho, Rear Window and my all time favorite the critically acclaimed Scream Franchise,And as time pass by i went into different genre such as dramas,actions and sci-fi, the moment i was onto it i was totally hooked and watched 10 movies a day, i had been barely had sleep and eaten, No, I'm not depriving myself it's just i can't take my eyes off the screen, moving on, i started to collect DVDs too, and starting from 2011 the first movie i had watched that year is Gulliver's Travel and The Green Hornet both horrible and hideous,And there's a time that i had been sick for a week and after i had been cured it's like i lost my interest on movies, i've been thinking of them and in a matter of time it's make me lazy and sleepy but when the fall came the award season it all revives, great movies especially The Help it was superb, and as of 2012 i had watched at least 700 movies not that i'm bragging, i think it's a decent number for a teen like me.
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