Wednesday, October 24, 2012



How should i start this?, by saying hi? i Don't know, so i guess I'll start then I'm Barron Louise D.C. Mata, Fourteen, yep too young to be a critic, but so what age is just a number, i have a mind of an adult, I had been a movie buff since October 2010, I Was 12, And my addiction for movies starts from watching Horror Movies starting from Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween,  Friday the 13th, Hell Raiser, Phantom at the Opera, The Fly, Psycho, Rear Window and my all time favorite the critically acclaimed Scream Franchise,And as time pass by i went into different genre such as dramas,actions and sci-fi, the moment i was onto it i was totally hooked and watched 10 movies a day, i had been barely had sleep and eaten, No, I'm not depriving myself it's just i can't take my eyes off the screen, moving on, i started to collect DVDs too, and starting from 2011 the first movie i had watched that year is Gulliver's Travel and The Green Hornet both horrible and hideous,And there's a time that i had been sick for a week and after i had been cured it's like i lost my interest on movies, i've been thinking of them and in a matter of time it's make me lazy and sleepy but when the fall came the award season it all revives, great movies especially The Help it was superb, and as of 2012 i had watched at least 700 movies not that i'm bragging, i think it's a decent number for a teen like me.


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