Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Movie Review] The Apparition

 "The Apparition"

Rating : 0/5

Another horror movie that have been told a million times, literally million times ,A Movie filled with clichés, This is so bad that i can give this an award for Acheiving all mediocrity and hideousness that have put on the movie,it wasn't scary, hell it was sleepy and boring, cheap tactics, Lights Flicker, soap and cactuses blacken , icky mold and a sudden appear of claw marks on the house itself and on a body, Been There, Done That.

Kelly and Ben(Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan), who lives in a nearly empty subdivision along with their neighbors Mike (Rick Gomez), his young daughter Maggie (Anna Clark) and their dog Pepper. One evening, sudden burns, molds, open doors , claw marks are appearing.

This Is Actually Todd Linconln's directorial debut and it was ugly and unforgivable, it doesn't turn out to be good as unexpected, Really, pure mediocrity and it is very ridiculous,It so horrible it after this you can't sleep because you had slept with this.

'The Apparition' is another movie trying to be on the bandwagon of Paranormal Activity and a little bit of Ringu, of course there's a shower scene, but it ain't Pyscho, The Title should have been The Crapparition.


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