Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[Movie Review] 24/7 in Love

24/7 in Love
PG-13| John D.Lazatin, Mae Czarina Cruz, Frasco Sanyos Mortiz, Dado Lumibao| Philippines| 2012

Reviewed by: Barron Mata
Rating: 1/5

Ever Heard of an Perfect-ish ensemble cast in a romance movie filled with bankable actor and actresses? It might be Garry Marshall's gruesome Valentine's Day and the horryfing sequel New Year's Eve, and 24/7 in Love and it nevet failed to impersonate it but then again this is about end of the world.

The story revolves around Jane in where search for answers on ' what will people do before the world ends?' To be her video entry to win tickets to the concert of her ultimate crush, Billy Fernandez.

In her quest to find the answers to her question she met different people who will tell her how powerful true love can be, Among them were a 40year old virigin who will meet a gigolo, the hopeless romantic secretary Barbara helping his Boss Ken with Personal issues, Verna who went to Vietnam and will meet a waiter Elvis, Belle who is in love with gay best friend Butch, a 35yr old mentally challenged Mike with child stars Zaijan and Xyriel and an active executive Patty who wanted to get Alvin as a model of their company. Isn't that looks terryfying?.

24/7 in Love is obviously for fans alike and it was never for commitment, but for money and it's fully bizarre, that you'll think that the stars had gone wild,the movie so ugly that i can't stans seeing 7 horryfing and tiresome one dimensional love stories, All i wanted is just a movie that is not 3-D, no car chasing it had succeed to give us that,but it's too much, Oh well this is one of the reason why i hate Mainstream Philippine movies.

24/7 in Love barely gives us laugh and love , it is consistently dull and inconsistenly entertaining, what could have been better is having full commitment and putting heart on what to do , think of having an impact on audience and making it memorable.


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