Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Movie Review] Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries
R-13| Bradley Parker| 2012| US| 87Mins

Reviewed by: Barron Mata
Rating: ★★★☆☆

What Movie is where that a bunch of let's say idiots taking an unsanctioned tour at Prypiat, Well I Think I Just figured it out, it has got to be the low budget Oren Peli(Paranormal Activity, Insidious) produced Chernobyl Diaries.

Six Tourist exploring Russia are led by a local tour guide to a town near the site of the infamous nuclear disaster, they end up stranded in the area, and face a battle for survival when they discover it is home to all manner of ferocious mututated creatures.

First time director Bradley Parker had actually done a decent-ish steady horror movie, you can't help but be hooked to the screen, altough when you already predicted what's gonna happen, It's watchable and some kind of enjoyable, and it is slightly better than you average horror movie, It doesn't reinvent or reimagine the horror genre, but i'll say it does succeeds as a solid entertainemnt.

Consensus: "Chernobyl Diaries" has a spooky atmosphere, steady pacing and great tensions and tosses, even tough it have shallow characters, predictable plot and lack of suspense, for a film in which there are mutated bears, fish and even a zombiesh creature it is very well shot, interesting premise and an unprecedented well- presented location, It's was actually well  bequeathed for a low budget film, It's not that bad as you think , Call me for having a bad taste or crazy but i kind of enjoy and liked  this, Even if it does not live my expectations and a horrible final scene.

Cast & Crew
Jesse McCartney| Chris                                                               Jonathan Sadowski| Paul
Devin Kelley| Amanda                                                                  Olivia Taylor Dudley| Natalie
Nathan Phillips| Michael                                                              Ingrid Bolsø Berdal| Zoe
Dimitri Diatchenko| Uri

Director: Bradley Parker
Language: English,Russian
Theatrical Distributor: Multivision Pictures Philippines
Released: November 7,2012


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