Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Movie Review] Stolen


Nicolas Cage's film have recently been a flopped not in term with box office but will also in critical from Tresspass, Drive Angry and now stolen, all these films barely been noticed and remembered, Stolen now is an addition to the rotten ideas section.

A former thief, Will Montgomery(Nicolas Cage) is released from prison for a bank robbery of $10 Million, he decides to visit his estranged daughter, Alison, whom he hasn't seen in 8 years but then an old partner(Josh Lucas), who many believed to died kidnaps Alison and locks her in the trunk of his medallion taxi cab, and demands ransom, the $10 Million he believes will still has since he doesn't, Will has to rob another bank as the detective that put him away(Danny Huston) tracks him down again.

Stoeln haven't made new and memorable it's just your typical action movie, and I believe the title is misleading it will lead you to Taken, I won't be harsh on this film, because i somehow enjoyed and liked but its barely unforgivable and enough to save this clich├ęd film, it's was and will give you poor dialogues, trite plot and it's somehow a total failure.

Nicolas Age had been in a bunch or i would say at least three to five great film, starting from Leaving Las Vegas in which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor and Adaptation in which he had a Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, And The Sorcerer's Apprentice is his debut in the consistent horrible films.

Stolen somehow had something to prove although, it's pure mediocrity let it all down and burn, It is been forgotten because of its unmemorable perfromance and tiresome plot, And next time try to have a kidnapped dog or cat so it will be very very realistic and memorable it will go down in cinematic history and im just being sarcastic

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Rating: 2/5


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