Thursday, November 1, 2012

[Movie Review] Suddenly It's Magic

Suddenly It's Magic is a 2012 Filipino - Thai Romance film directed by Rory Quintos(Anak, Dubai) and stars Thai Superstar Mario Maurer and Philippine's Erich Gonzales, The film is produced by Star Cinema, the idea of doing the movie is due to the impact of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" which stars Maurer and opposite Luevisadpaibul which also appear in this movie as a cameo, ABS-CBN then released a statement that Erich Gonazales will be the love interest of Mario Maurer in the said movie.

The story depicts two star- crossed lovers: Marcus Hanson(Mario Maurer) a Thai Superstar, and Joey Hermosa(Erich Gonzales), a Filipina baker. When Marcus decides to fly to Philippines to escape from his career, he meets Joey, even tough their worlds collide, the two later fall in love, But their relationship is tested with conflicts in their own worlds.

Suddenly It's Magic is kind of great for showing both heritages and that's it nothing vivid and memorable, Firstly the chemistry is undeniably horrible and it was kind of awkward, it's nothing impacted us with their collaboration, But the cast we're really light and charming, but it's predictable,unappreciating and a same old,same old clich├ęd romance film.

Consensus: Suddenly It's Magic is trying to imply that they got Mario Maurer and that's they we're really proud of another money making movie, it's nothing new about it just the basic and same layer of formula for a romance film, What could've have been great about this is puttting more components of entertainemnt, a pinch of intimacy and a touch of love, Sadly Suddenly It's Magic is a tedious,dull and an toxicated untoughtful movie about an awkward couple.

RATING : 0.5/5


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