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Barron's Top 12 Films of 2012

2012 is undenianly a great great year for cinema, this 2012 is better than last year which was great, The Avengers owns 2012 with a gross of almost $2M and you could notice that Christopher Nolan's Batman has finally revealed it's conclusion in The Dark Knight Rises, and a rise of unfilmable adaptions Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi to name a few and Argo finally the movie that defines that Ben Affleck is not a one hit wonder

Note: This is my list not yours if you disagree, comment and we could talk about it, Most of the critically acclaimed film such as Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, The Sessions, Les Miserables etc.

12.The Amazing Spider-Man(Marc Webb, 2012, Sony Pictures)

The Amazing Spider-Man was undeniably a very decent remake , It's no wonder that this was a great reboot because it was directed by Marc Webb who recently directed 2010's 500 Days of Summer which was arguably the best romantic movie in the last 10 years, and of course Andrew Garfield's and Emma Stone's great potrayal, Kudos! for this remake.

11. 21 Jump Street(Phil Lord & Chris Miller, 2012, Sony Pictures)

21 Jump Street is arguably the best remake of the year incorporating great plot, ingenious story and Not the most memorable comedy but it's good enough. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is great, but not only that, they create likable characters that we can relate to, I thought it was an enjoyable movie, nothing special to maybe warrant me watching it again!

10.Premium Rush(David Koepp, 2012, Columbia Pictures)

Premium Rush is a solid chase film with plenty of enjoyable performances (especially Michael Shannon as the sleazy bad guy), good action sequences, and a breakneck pace that almost never lets up, Really good film, great story and a nice fresh idea on the usual chase movie, The close shots of cycling make the bike scenes more exhilarating than some car chase scenes

09. Hunger Games(Gary Ross, 2012, Lionsgate)

Hands Down! Want of the of my favorite novel adaptation of all time(I Consider myself as a fan), A mind-blowing and adrenaline-pumping thrill-machine. The first chapter to a promising, dynamic and thrilling franchise. A real triumph. A spectacular and unforgettable action-packed adventure. It`s bold, fiercly epic and utterly breathtaking, Paced quickly and quite faithful to the book, the movie is colorful and exciting. The emotions are strong, and the visuals are beautiful.

08. Rust and Bone(Jacques Audiard, 2012, Sony Pictures Classic)

down to how overly-sentimental it is at times and some pacing issues, but you can't overlook the beautiful cinematography, superb performances from Cotillard and Schoenaerts, Wishing more movies were like this. Wishing more directors were like Audiard. Unapologetic yet with a soft core, At the end of the day Marion Cotillard's Performance was hell of a great one.

07. Looper(Rian Johnson, 2012, Sony Pictures)

A example of well made storytelling and quite impressive sci-fi film, Looper is a film I purposefully stayed away from to avoid spoilers. The hype surrounding it was unbearable and so of course it wasn't as great as I'd heard, This film is incredibly original, and very well done. Gordon-Levitt plays a very convincing younger Bruce Willis, and Rian Johnson leads the viewer on quite an adventure.

06. Paranorman(Chris Butler (XII) &Sam Fell, 2012, Focus Features)

Quite funny, sometimes surprisingly clever, and with just enough darkness to surprise. A nice quirky approach to the "it's okay to be different" theme, this time more than just a little chastizing to those trying to maintain the status quo, The superb animation combines 3D stop-motion and CGI effects in a dazzling visual spectacle, but the plot drags with an irregular pacing and only occasional funny jokes. 

05. Moonrise Kingdom(Wes Anderson, 2012, Focus Features)

've never been a big fan of Wes Anderson, however I do recognize his talents as a filmmakers and occasionally I find a film that he's done to be quite memorable and amusing in a very strange way, With Moonrise Kingdom he has made one of his most accomplished films to date and a superb performance from Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward

04. Ruby Sparks(Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, 2012, Fox Searchlight)

What seems to be a cute and lovable film, turns out to be more what  we ask for, having a darker story and unexpecting emotional level, 'Ruby Sparks' is a huge,quirky,touching and a kind of depressing film,But Zoe Kazan's Character and writing seems to mix well,and her potrayal of Ruby Sparks it brings her all throughout the film.

03. Frankenweenie(Tim Burton, 2012, Walt Disney Pictures)

This 3-D animated black and white stop motion film is a heartfelt masterpiece,it's alive and energetic,It was built to scare,laugh and touch our hearts for both adults and children,I Must say Tim Burton just seek redemption and he have done it and wish this will be a contender for Best Animated Feature Film.

02. Beasts of The Southern Wild(Benh Zeitlin, 2012, Fox Searchlight)

spellbinding film that properly uses a shaky handheld camera and a welcome visual poetry to enhance its sense of fantastic naturalism, A soulful, poetic, and involving work of art, "Beasts" is equal parts allegoric and heartwarming.

And the #1 film of 2012 is not just the best of 2012 but in the last decade and it's

01. Argo(Ben Affleck , 2012, Warner Bros.Pictures)

It`s simply one of the best pictures of 2012. A toure de force all around. Director, Ben Affleck has crafted yet another brilliant and superb film, he has really come into his own as a director and only shows with each film that he gets better and better and the films just get more thrilling, I'm not really a fan of political dramas but this is based on a true story and it had me on the edge of my seat.

Honorable Mentions : Perks of Being a Wallflower, Wanderlust, Pitch Perfect, Seeking a Friend of the World, Hope Springs

The Healing And Thy Womb is the only filipino films that i loved and enjoyed.


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