Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eli Roth's 'Aftershock’ Gets a Blood-Soaked First Trailer

Who’s ready for an Eli Roth-sized dose of carnage? Well, you better be because based on this first trailer for Aftershock, the movie is going to be light on plot and character development, but absolutely drenched in gore.
The Nicolás López-directed film stars Roth as Gringo, a recently divorced American tourist who buddies up with two Chilean guys so they can show him the way to the best local ladies. They manage to track down a trio of potentials – a Russian model, a hardcore party girl and her über responsible sister – and the gang ventures out to Valparaíso for a big night out. However, their clubbing fun is interrupted by a devastating earthquake. Gold stars to everyone who manages to make it through the initial hit, but, it turns out, the post-quake looters, escaped convicts and aftershocks are just as threatening – if not more so


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