Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sosy Problems Movie Review

Sosy Problems
Release Date: December 25,2012
Starring: Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heusaff, Bianca King, Rhian Ramos, Ruffa Gutierrez
Directed by: Andoy Ranay
Rating: PG
Distributed by: GMA Films

Sosy Problems , the title is not sosy at all it is cheap, a garbage and 4 trying hard out of this world, unconventional horrible and somewhat good looking girls, It no where sosy at all it is just a one-sided light your typical comedy film but then this is consisting of girls that are so naive that they are pursuing life undecided and unhappy and this could be a RIP-OFF of Desperadas

Four girls belonging to the upperclass deals with problems associated with their status as they seek out happiness in their lives.

It's so unprofessional that this film was ever been acquired and worse case scenario being shown, This if could not one of the most daunting and the most horrible film I've seen, this was not the most richest film out there but the cheapest, what to expect in GMA consistently producing and showing stupid and thin performances.

I Dont know how much im feeling when writing this, it was so depressing that this kind of film is being received, the good thing it is being panned, I'm not really sure why Sosy Problems is been involved here and if this could have sequel ,  I might just eat dog shit than watch this again.

Anyways, I Should give this some good points it surely provides some laughs and somewhat a piece of entertainment, their language doesn't work for me it was ridiculous and the most shitty out there, This is the worst film in this festival and probably the whole year, if lucky in the history of MMFF, GMA not bad at all, not bad at all.

Sosy Problems is likely to have a target audience and i just might guess what it is, but then this is for the girls who is just looking for a light feel good film this is a sure bullseye for them then we should settle on someplace, Sosy Problems overall just not work as a movie it is should be left alone in trashcan and others can move on.

Rating: 0.5/5

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