Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Upside Down: Film Review

Upside Down has a really an effective interesting premise and was really intriguing and this film is set in a world where dual gravity exists. In this world, we have the upper class with all the rich people on top and the lower class on the bottom, A poorly told love story at that too, all of it was underwhelming and wanting for more.

Ever since Adam and Eden fell in love as teens, their bond has faced astronomical odds. The pair are separated not just by social class and a political system bent on keeping them apart, but also by a freak planetary condition: they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions-he on the poverty-stricken planet below, she on the wealthy, exploitative world above. Their budding but illicit romance screeches to a tragic halt when interplanetary-border patrol agents catch them and Eden suffers an apparently fatal fall. But when, ten years later, Adam learns she is alive and working at a vast corporation whose towering headquarters connects their planets, he sets out on a dangerous quest to infiltrate the company and the upper world to reconnect with her.

Upside Down, was really downward spiral, Jim Sturgees and Kristen Dunst could have done better and there performance was underwhelming and unethically not charming at all, Jim Sturgees is really goodlooking and Krisen Dunst is beautieful as ever but there chemisty is lacking, this ambitious romance film relies on too much romance cliches.

Directed by Juan Diego Salanas, there's no way but be impressed on his creation, albeit full of flaws and petty mistakes, Unfortunately, altough the premise is pretty interesting and te effects were undeniaby cool, but it has a lot of stuffs to make it work, especially the romantic aspect it didn't add any depth and it was too shallow and just don't work

Honestly, I was really impressed and enjoyed it, There's more to it than a cheesy sci-fi film, this futuristic Romeo and Juliet, It's a bit odd that they didn't developed the character and tell how love can win against all, However, this is a must try, and let your imagion bend and float upside down.

There's no denying the beauty of this film, It's visually pretty but too many plot holes that makes it underwhelming, This scifi fantasy romance had so much potential, But i guess it lacked depth and commitment than can strive through and could save the movie but let it drift into a simple movie and ridden with too many plot holes and question unanswered.

2 out of 5 stars.


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