Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vertigo: Film Review

Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo , is now widely considered the best film of all time, dethroning Orson Welle's Citizen Kane and Francis Ford Copolla's Godfather Part I and II, and this coming from the British Magazine Sight & Sound, Greatest movie ever made?, maybe but personally I doubt it, but what matters is this is another undisputed from the master of suspense Alfred Hithcock, Great film, but I was expecting so much more. I wasn't dissappointed, just surprised by how I didn't like it as much as I thought I would

A retired San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend's much-younger wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

Although a great movie, this is not my favorite film by the master of suspense, It's still Psycho, however 'Vertigo'. A tragic love story, an intriguing mystery, two top notch leading performances, and a score that heightens every second of the film beautifully!, Another fantastic masterpiece from Hitchcock! I loved this movie, once again it was a suspenseful murder mystery that keeps you gripped up until the end!, Just when you think the story has found the answer your hit with twist upon twist just to keep you guessing!

Hitchcock had a handful of memorable hits and many more forgettable misses over the course of his long career, but one film that stands out to many above and beyond the rest is his cerebral masterpiece, Vertigo, Like most of Hitchcock's work, I find myself respecting the material more than engaging with it, A beautiful, eerie, and dreamlike masterpiece, Vertigo is truly the work of a genius. Obsessive, nightmarish, full of hidden emotions and longings, it reaches to the most deep within us, A triumph of style over only partially satisfactory substance.

It is kind of disturbing that Hitchcock claimed this as his most personal film. Fears and obsessions are the spices that are supposed to make this engaging, Vertigo is bound to have you shuddering in their seat from the minute it drags you in, Vertigo may not truly deserve the title as the new "greatest movie of all time", but the thrillingly well-shot cinematography and chilling premise makes this Hitchcock movie better than The Birds.

There's a reason that movies like this wind up on every critic's top ten list. Films like Vertigo are both compelling and challenging for the viewer,  Every time I revisit 'Vertigo' it is like watching the film for the first time. The photography is still beautiful. The score is still moving. And the twists still shock me to my core, Still, the film pioneered many great filmmaking techniques and everything but the story is pitch-perfect.

Vertigo may run a little long or linger in it's middle, but nevertheless is is a fascinating and uniquely compelling romantic thriller that certainly grows on you, this film is certainly is a piece of art, and what makes this film unique and different to other is that Hitchcock's filming from his camera angles, movement and locations helped also bring forth the film's style and purpose. The film's haunting dream sequences and "Vertigo" sequences are also classic scenes and purely great.

Rating:  9.5 out of 10 stars


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